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Women's Leadership Development and Training Program

Women's Leadership Development and Training Program

Quick Overview:
Leadership development is an investment in future leaders. We are in an unprecedented time in history where leaders are being asked to perform at their highest level. The 24 hour “on” culture, juggling the needs of work and family, the political environment, and the dismantling of social structures requires leaders to be clear about what it is that they stand for. Our commitment is to radically accelerate the empowerment of exceptional women through leadership development. Our training is designed to unleash women’ remarkable potential to have impact as leaders in their workplace, families and community. We believe that women leaders are the solution to the world’s most pressing problems. We envision a world in which all women experience equity: economically, politically, and socially. This leadership development program will include special focus on accelerating the readiness of women leaders to take on key leadership roles. This program is based on years of academic and practical experience. The program includes an understanding of successful leadership practices, an assessment of each woman’s unique skills and competencies, community-based support and application to reinforce the learnings.
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